Go on and dim the lights 
Let those curtains open wide
Hit that nelly button 
And we’ll do a ribbon cutting 
I’m the main event 
And it’s my main intent
To blow you all away 
So listen when I say
That imma write or die 
But when you fly I fly
And when you hurtin like no other
And you cry I cry
I’m not sayin I’m superior 
I got a soft interior
Belly full of In-N-Out 
Let’s pass those burgers all around 
And hit me with that breakfast food
Can’t live without 
You know me
They say I’m 
Baby loving 
Mother hugging
Catch me in the bath tub tubbing 
Hand over those heart strings 
Cuz you know I’m tugging  
I get y’all don’t do coffee
But I heard you’re into copy
So step into my office 
This ain’t just a hobby
Words are me and 
I am words 
While I got a lotta hunnies
The Adlab comes first
N to the e-l-l-i-e
Stevens is my last name 
And I keep it low key
I’ve got big fat dreams that I wanna chase
So listen here to me cuz I’m here to heresay
You choose me 
And you won’t regret it
When I make a million dollars I ain’t gonna forget it
Grinding finding silver linings
Always smiling never whining
Copy writing girl whose fighting
I’m the best and I ain’t lying.